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Let Hanover Commercial Inspections help on your next project.


topography, drainage, retaining walls, paving, curbing, lighting

windows and walls  

foundation and framing

stairways, hallways, common areas

slope, composition and condition

heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

identify fire protection systems, accessibility, water intrusion & mold

age, combined with environmental factors erodes plumbing  connections that can exist for decades

additional services - radon and wood destroying insects evaluation, water intrusion and mold 

service, size, location, and condition

Infrared Thermography

energy loss, commercial roofing and building envelope moisture intrusion


Why Choose Hanover


Hanover Commercial Inspection's level of inspection service is based on the highest quality of commitment to the client and we approach each project as a unique situation using our years of experience in the observation, identification, and documentation of significant deficiencies of building systems and components. Hanover provides our clients dependable, accurate, and timely results required for all commercial property transactions.


Hanover offers a customized service appropriate to the situation. Our report includes a narrative summary of the building type and condition and optional cost tables of the immediate and long-term expenses of the building maintenance.

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Industrial Building
Modern arapartment complex painted in br


Light Commercial

Apartment Complex


Project Types

The site inspection is a thorough and representative picture of the structure and the above-mentioned systems and components.  The report will include a narrative summary of the building type and condition and digital and thermal images.  Additional services (not in scope) may include immediate and long-term expenses of the building maintenance


Hanover Commercial Inspections represents years of experience in the construction trades with the necessary certifications in inspections to empower our clientele with inspection observations and expertise that assist in the valuation and judging the viability of significant capital investment projects. 

Hanover Commercial Inspections is built on the motto of Truthfulness, Dependability, and Integrity, striving to exceed these standards every day. Hanover guides our commercial investors with the generation of a Property Condition Report informing the reader about the safety and maintenance conditions present at the time of our inspection. During the process, all the relevant data and documentation are collected from disparate sources, creating one useful, easily understood report package. 

Michael’s roots were established in and around East Hanover Township, New Jersey, incorporated as a town on March 12th of 1928. The joining of two rivers, the Whippany River to the east and the Passaic River to the north define the boundaries of the town and our namesake. Michael brings over 35 years of expertise in Carpentry, Commercial and Industrial Construction, Real Estate Appraisal, Sales, Investment, and Property Management experience. He draws from years of practical hands-on world of Union carpentry, construction projects, and possesses the necessary foundation to perform the inspections and lead teams of experts required to achieve a holistic view of the systems and components of the subject property. 

Let us know how Hanover Commercial Inspection can bring your project into focus to enable smart, better-informed property decisions facilitating the protection and growth of your commercial assets.


Hanover Commercial Inspections can help on your next project.

We will return your message as soon as possible.

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