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Michael Sullivan

Master Carpenter/ Infrared Thermography

Managing Partner

Hanover Commercial Inspections operates on three core principles: truthfulness, dependability, and reliability. At the heart of our operations is our fully licensed and certified commercial building inspector, Michael Sullivan. 


Meet Our Professional Inspector

Mr. Sullivan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Hanover team. Michael wears many hats at Hanover; he's not only a master carpenter, infrared thermography expert, and commercial building inspector, he's also Hanover's managing partner. 

Michael's strength and expertise lie in his lifelong passion for construction. Michael has over 35 years in the construction industry, earning the prestigious rank of master carpenter. As a result, Michael is one of New Jersey's foremost experts on union carpentry. His prolific body of work can be seen all over the state, with numerous large-scale commercial and industrial projects featured on his resume. 

Mr. Sullivan's frontline construction experience gives him unique insight into industry-wide building practices. Michael understands the inner workings of commercial properties, from the methods to materials used, allowing him to spot potential defects with incredible accuracy. 

Rounding out, Michael's carpentry expertise is 15 years experience on the other side of the table working as an investment property manager

Memberships, Licensure, and Accreditations

Mr. Sullivan maintains active accreditation, licensure, and membership in a number of key organizations that are integral to his role as a commercial building inspector. Those accreditations include:

  • CCPIA membership

  • NACBI membership

  • Certified commercial inspector

  • Master carpenter 

  • 15 years as a registered contractor 

  • Licensed and fully certified home inspector in the state of New Jersey

  • New Jersey-certified commercial inspector 

Additionally, Mr. Sullivan is fully insured to offer the following services:

  • Radon testing

  • Mold inspections

  • Tank sweeps

  • Certified infrared thermographer  

Contact the Commercial Building Inspectors at Hanover

Hanover Commercial Inspections is the New Jersey area's top name in the commercial inspection arena. Partner with us for all your commercial investment properties.

Call 908 809-0886 or email us at

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